OSHA / EPA Regulatory & Compliance


Our EHS Affairs Department is staffed with a team of dedicated professionals who have extensive experience within the printing industry, the necessary skills to deal with the regulatory agencies, and the understanding of how their rules apply to printing operations. Our staff also has abundant experience with green initiatives and sustainability standards and how their application can benefit printers and address customer demands.

Each year, the EHS Affairs team continuously monitors and engages regulatory agencies at the federal, state, and local levels and responds to more than 1,500 individual inquiries providing representation, information, and assistance. We are able to provide quick answers to basic questions as well as offer more comprehensive services if required, such as performing a mock inspection, performing a safety audit, conducting employee training, establishing a sustainability program and more.

Our EHS Affairs team also plays a vital role in shaping the actual regulations that impact the printing industry from federal, state, and local agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Department of Transportation (DOT), and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). When regulations are proposed that would affect the printing industry, we take action by educating the agency about the impact on the industry and negotiating changes toward a reasonable balance.

To help reduce the printer’s cost when meeting existing regulations, we work with the agencies to obtain favorable conditions, requirements, and interpretations as well as to establish reduced regulatory burdens. Think of us as your partner and voice with environmental, health, and safety issues.

In addition, our EHS team is able to address the growing demand for sustainable green printing, which is a result of customer requests, concerns of “greenwashing,” and unsubstantiated claims. We have helped numerous members sort through the confusion to identify valid and practical program elements, green solution options and customer education resources and tools.

Here are a few examples of how we can help:

  • Member Hotline
    Give us a call with your questions for technical assistance on a variety of environmental, safety, or sustainability issues.
  • Member Listserv
    This email networking forum (or “listserv”) is for U.S. and Canadian members that are involved with sustainability and regulatory affairs.
  • Articles
    We are always writing about EHS, regulatory, and other issues for our member publications.
  • Compliance Assistance
    Understanding your legal compliance obligations is only the first step. You need to put in place programs to meet and maintain continuous compliance, and our team can help you accomplish that goal.We’ll come to you! We will inspect your facility, inform and prepare your facility with your team’s assistance, understanding and buy-in. We can train, certify, document and assure your employees are informed, safe and in compliance.
  • Green and Sustainability
    Never before in the history of the printing industry has sustainability been so important for long-term success. Our Green and Sustainability resources provide information on how you can start or continue your journey with critical information on how to market that success to your customers.
  • Consulting
    Sometimes a phone call or e-mail is not enough and you need personalized service to solve your challenges.
  • Training
    Training is the cornerstone of your compliance and green program and we have it when and where you need it.