Don’t let your money fall through the cracks.

UPS and FedEx typically provide shipping refunds (Money Back Guarantee) when they deliver late. Unfortunately, they do NOT automatically issue your refund for late deliveries (aka “service failures”).

More importantly, it is your responsibility to monitor and track UPS & FedEx delivery performance and notify the carrier of any late delivery refunds you may be entitled to. This process is time consuming and difficult to monitor and manage.

Problem Solved

PMA has partnered with ShipKeep, LLC to offer a simplified member service which automates the UPS and FedEx money-back guarantee for you.

  • There is NO out-of-pocket cost for members to sign up for this member service.
  • If you receive a weekly online invoice from UPS or FedEx then you qualify!

It’s a simple as 1, 2, 3…

  1. ShipKeep will identify any packages that have been delivered late.
  2. ShipKeep will submit a refund request to UPS & FedEx on your behalf.
  3. We notify you when a refund is approved and is applied to your invoice.

This program is hands-free and automatic, so you can focus on your business and not waste precious time hunting for late deliveries and request refunds manually.

All approved refunds show up on your UPS or FedEx invoice.

What Others Have to Say

“ShipKeep is great. It’s a free service that actually saves your company money that you otherwise would lose. You transact your business as you would normally and they do their work in the background. Each week you get a report with the money that will be refunded to you. How can you not sign up for something that pays you?”

––– Jeffery Feltz –––
Sandberg Phoenix | Director of Finance and Facilities

“I’m so pleased that we partnered with Derek and ShipKeep. He works quietly in the background to make sure that we receive
credit for each missed or delayed delivery.”

––– Diana Thompson –––
Gray, Ritter & Graham | Financial Administrator

“ShipKeep has been a great resource to the Firm. The work they do to identify delayed or mishandled overnight packages has generated substantial dollars in recoveries we would otherwise not have the resources to monitor. It is a win-win relationship.”

––– Steven D. Wingert –––
Thompson Coburn | Director of Administration